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Sanity test error " is null" on Windows Server 2012 (Remote Desktop)


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Build ID: 20150914030205

Steps to reproduce:

I launched a Windows debug build with "mach run" on a Windows Server 2012 machine (via Remote Desktop) and saw the following error on stdout:

JavaScript error: file:///c:/Users/vdjeric/mozilla-central-debug/obj-i686-pc-mingw32/dist/bin/components/SanityTest.js, line 224: TypeError: is null

This error is in in the endTest method, on the following line:, this);
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If we don't get an onWindowLoaded message by the timeout, we won't have a MessageManager. Simple fix, but it looks like our timeout value probably isn't great.

I took a sample of 1273 users who had a timeout in the sanity test. Of these, 877 had a firstPaint of more than 6 seconds. Looking at overall telemetry for firstPaint, 20 seconds would cover ~90% of users so let's try that and see how it works.
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Would a longer timeout delay Firefox startup?
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(In reply to Vladan Djeric (:vladan) -- please needinfo! from comment #2)
> Would a longer timeout delay Firefox startup?

Nope, it shouldn't.
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This change caused a big different in the GRAPHICS_SANITY_TEST data and triggered a Telemetry alert:!topic/

dvander: is the new histogram distribution what you were hoping for?
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That's exactly what I was hoping for (in part). There's much less timeouts now that we've increased the timeout length. However, the amount of failures detected went up too. That's either good or bad depending on how you look at it (bad that we're failing, but good if we're now disabling video where it didn't work).
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