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[Tracker] KTLO Chapter Three


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The doors open and people flood in and out of 0800. I brush against one of the touchwalls and it flicks to a screen asking for a retina scan to send me more information about the new Evo Healing Grove complex. 

I close my eyes knowing after 10 seconds the screen will go back to flipping through ads. A voice next to my ear says, nice shirt and presses an Mtoken into my hand. I feel a bead of sweat slowly running down my back and take a breath. 

I hadn’t really expected it to come. 

Sending warnings from the lab had seemed easy, an academic test compared to this. How do I send a warning to people without getting caught? It was easy to take the information out with untraceable Mtokens. That is, until they realized the infection was dormant in everyone with accelerated evolution. That it could be passed down through generations. Security had, needless to say, been tightened. 

I followed the plan and kept looking at the ads, I wanted to turn around but knew it was better to not know. I had no companions. The Mtoken was my only way in and out now. 

7 more minutes.
Duplicate of this bug: 1205808
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Depends on: 1102883
Depends on: 1167271
Depends on: 1189298
No longer depends on: 1189298
No longer depends on: 1167271
Surely this cannot be the end of this story...
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Whiteboard: [marketplace-transition]
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Depends on: 1188073
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