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Some really long subtest names


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We can now see all the subtests coming from the structured logs.  Some of the subtest names are very long, and from my limited perspective, should belong in the subtest message.  Maybe the log calls can be fixed?

This query will take long to run (and more nodes would help), but will give you a short list of some recent and egregious subtest names.

> {
> 	"from":"unittest.result.subtests",
> 	"select":[
> 		{"name":"subtest_name","value":"name"},
> 		"run.suite",
> 		"result.test"
> 	],
> 	"where":{"and":[
> 		{"gt":[{"length":"name"},2000]},
> 		{"gt":{"run.timestamp":"{{today-day}}"}}
> 	]},
> 	"limit":10,
> 	"format":"list"
> }
For example:

> ok(equal, "persistent attribute in tab box broken, expected: "+str1+" got: "+str2);

> ok(equal, "persistent attribute in tab box broken", "expected: "+str1+" got: "+str2);
This is a consequence of the integration of mochitest and mozlog structured logging. Individual tests weren't rewritten as a part of this integration, so in cases like the assertions calls quoted in comment 1 the existing messages are used for identification.
If there's a need to go through these and clean them up, I don't think there will be any resistance beyond the manual effort required.
I did not expect this to be a priority unless the auto-starring effort, or some other initiative, requires them to be cleaner.

Severity: normal → S3
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