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When I click on certain links (e.g. the "Traffic Detours" link at the top of the target of the link is a PDF file set to open in a new tab.  I have FF configured to prompt me as to what to do with files of this type (as I commonly wish to save them).  However, the tab underneath is always advanced to the next tab before this dialog is presented, so 
(a) I lose any contextual information about what it is that I'm downloading, especially if the filename is unhelpful, and may be misled if I was choosing to download one PDF document from a set of several open tabs each describing a different PDF report or paper, and
(b) Even if I choose cancel, I am returned to the tab AFTER the one I was viewing, which is not the expected behavior.  

The expected behavior is that if I am looking at a page like and click a link there, which produces a dialog, that dialog is visible on top of the page instead of whatever page happens to be loaded in the next tab.  
Firefox should only advance to the next tab if it's opened a tab and is displaying something there which is more relevant to the content I've requested than the page with the link I've just clicked on.
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