[meta] Enable APZ on fennec on nightly builds

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This is a meta bug that tracks all the issues that need to be fixed before we can enable APZ on Fennec for nightly builds.
Blocks: 1206874
Depends on: 1207748
Blocks: 1203058
Blocks: 1213873
No longer blocks: 1203058
No longer blocks: 1213873
Depends on: 1223296
Depends on: 1220925
Depends on: 1122804
Depends on: 1223433
Depends on: 1223434
Depends on: 1223436
Depends on: 1223486
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Randall's patch

Randall had a patch in his queue to enable C++ APZ by default. Posting it here since this bug is eventually going to be used to land the patch that does this. However we'll need to update the patch so that it only does this for nightly.
(Actually it would also be better to put the MOZ_ANDROID_APZ=1 into mobile/android/confvars.sh rather than configure.in)
Depends on: 1223609
Depends on: 1223612
Depends on: 1223614
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Randall's patch

Should we also add something to confvars with a NIGHTLY_BUILD check?
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Yeah this is actually all that should be needed to flip it on. Seems to do the job locally at least.
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Depends on: 1223937
No longer depends on: 1223937
Depends on: 1224325
Depends on: 1225287
Depends on: 1225508
Depends on: 1181703
No longer depends on: 1223609
No longer depends on: 1122804
No longer depends on: 1223614
No longer depends on: 1223612
Depends on: 1226320
Depends on: 1226394
Depends on: 1226872
Depends on: 1227636
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Depends on: 1228216
Bug 1224015 landed. So you can push this when ready.
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We still need to do something about bug 1225508 - if you don't have any layout side fixes off the top of your head then I'm fine with landing the workaround that I have. I can do that tomorrow.
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Oh yeah. Probably a fix along the lines of your "My bad attempt at fixing it in layout" patch is the way to go. I'll work on getting that landable. The workaround is reasonable so you can land that if you want to go ahead before that's ready.
This part


of bug 1224015 appears to have fixed bug 1225508 for me. This makes sense to me. (I tested with and without that hunk.) So I think you are good to land without the workaround.
(Moving discussion to bug 1225508)
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Enable APZ on nightly builds

I think we're ready to turn this on. Happy thanksgiving!
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Enable APZ on nightly builds

Great work getting to this point!
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