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Hi Tannie,

Please see the localized strings for iOS app store in v1.1:

Scroll to the section that says "Screenshots".  Another feature is that if you leave your mouse to a line of text, a popup window will show the English content so you will copy the correct text.  

Once you are done, post the link (not sure about the process) here and give Goofy, Theo and Benoit access to review.

Given the deadline for all these languages (per email discussion) in middle of October, let's finish this soon so we can move on to other locales.


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3 years ago
Found a great master screen I've bookmarked for the locales: https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~pascalc/stores_l10n/#app_store_release

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3 years ago
French screens are ready for review, in the PNG folder:
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3 years ago
One of the iPhone6 captures is still in English but otherwise everything looks good. 

Also, I'm not sure I understand the concept of "numbered" tabs since I don't see any numbers on the screen. It's possibly only possible to understand by actually trying the app.

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3 years ago
\FR\PNG\iPhone 6+\FFx-iOS_iPhone6Plus_FR-Sync.png (https://app.box.com/s/m510kc8ga5tyz3db5z9o76zixq1hsg3q) has been updated. Thanks for the sharp eye!!

Comment 6

3 years ago
Does the French copy suggest the tabs are numbered?

The original copy is:
"Intuitive visual tab design; Quickly find and manage your open browser tabs"

Let me know if this needs to be revised!
I just realized "numbered tabs" is in the description, which is not final yet, not in the screenshots.


3 years ago
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(In reply to Tannie Low from comment #6)
> Does the French copy suggest the tabs are numbered?
> The original copy is:
> "Intuitive visual tab design; Quickly find and manage your open browser tabs"
> Let me know if this needs to be revised!

Actually yes, because we reused "numbered tabs" from the description :/

So for Tabs.png
Let's use "Retrouvez rapidement vos pages ouvertes grâce aux onglets." (with the final period)

Another change is needed for PrivateBrowser.png:
"Créez des onglets privés et naviguez sur le Web sans que votre historique ne soit conservé." (also with the final period).

After that I think we'll be ready.

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3 years ago
Tabs & PrivateBrowser updated in each folder: https://app.box.com/s/rndbw9pudec8575xvhjqwko2yxtuwomu

Thanks, Tannie! Looks good to me, closing the bug.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Theo, reopen it as we will have updated localized screenshots to be implemented before this request is officially complete.  We are waiting for the product is done before screenshots (images inside the screenshots) can be taken.  Tannie will reach out to you when he needs your final signoff.   Thanks!
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Hello again,

The marketing content in the screenshots have been reviewed an approved.  The purpose of this round of review is to make sure the product screenshots in the composite images have the correct languages.  Please keep in mind of the following during this review:

- It is normal to have both English and your language in the mix of the screenshots.  Is it your locale?
- The *keyboard* is correct for your locale
- DO NOT compare your locale with other locales.  Some product shots of web sites may or may not be the same.  This is not a mistake.
- The *Fast-Phone-Website* screenshot is still being worked on as we speak.  This will come in on Wednesday during your day time. Look for updates from Tannie when this is completed.

*File location*: https://app.box.com/s/4wwy7luf9k434t9r841lqamnbi4pktgq/1/4687592566
*Deadline*: Oct 21 PDT.  Apologize for not leaving much time for this final sign off.  This is meant for a final look on language matching accuracy.  We hope there are no corrections needed.
In FFx-iOS_iPhone6Plus_FR-Search.png , the results seem to be English results + the keyboard layout is Qwerty instead of Azerty.

Except this minor issue, screenshots look good to me.
Spoke too fast, there an issue with FFx-iOS_iPad-Air-horz_FR-Sync.png

The subtitle is truncated. It should be "Accédez instantanément et de partout 
à votre historique de navigation et à vos mots de passe depuis Firefox."

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3 years ago
Good eye!! Screen updated: https://app.box.com/s/vmpuvdxflunr6flvjl1sl52temeezgbq
Mike, wrong keyboard for French.
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Comment 17

3 years ago

Didnt realize french had multiple keyboards.. I had to modify the settings more. Ive included the update for iPhone 6+.  

Im going to gather all feedback and make the request at once for iPad (its being completed by our PM)
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was this provided to Tannie?
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3 years ago
Created attachment 8677872 [details]
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3 years ago

I just attached the screenshot with the french keyboard.  Sorry I thought I had done it already!
Tannie will get this fixed first thing in the morning.
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This was fixed.
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3 years ago
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