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3 years ago
I'm unable to linkify URLs in One & Done.

"[Click this link](" results in the following URL:
> href="" rel="nofollow"</a

I can work around this by putting the URL in plain text like so:
> Click this link:
This repros the same with any link, it's not just URLs. The editor we use requires this format. I don't know of a way to link text to a specific URL - perhaps bsilverberg will know a work around.
I tried a couple of different markdown sytnaxes which are supposed to work for links and I can confirm that they do not. We use a package called Markdown [1] to do the rendering so it might be a bug with that. I am going to try updating to the latest version (as we are on an older one) to see if that helps.

Summary: Cannot hyperlink URLs → Cannot use markdown syntax to linkify text
It turns out this wasn't a problem with the package, but a bug in the code. I have fixed it in a pull request [1] which we'll try to get merged and pushed to prod soon.


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3 years ago
Okay thanks. Let me know when it's ready and I'll retest.
Commits pushed to master at
Fixes Bug 1207329 - Cannot use markdown syntax to linkify text
Merge pull request #296 from bobsilverberg/fix_linkify

Fixes Bug 1207329 - Cannot use markdown syntax to linkify text
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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3 years ago
How long will this take to propagate to the server? I'm still seeing this issue.
Rebecca is testing it on dev and then I will push it to prod. I'll update the bug when that happens.
Verified on dev links work with updated markdown - as well as regular URLs.
Thanks Rebecca. I have pushed the fix to staging and production as well.
Verified on prod, including displays correctly.
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