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unregisters lost on reconnect


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Related to bug: 1207743, unregister's in the _queue will also be lost if the connection drops.

The client will not run notifications for channels it no longer thinks its registered for, however this will continue to eat bandwidth and server-side storage space handling messages that the client tried to unregister for.

A possible solution might be to send unregister's if a notification is received that the client no longer believes it should have received.
This is relevant for WebSocket version and it is easy to implement - just need to call this._queueRequest({channelId: channelId, messageType: "unregister"});

http2 does not need this because on unregister succeeds when the server receives the unregister request.
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This patch adds "unregister" requests to the queue (and times them out) for Web Push. For Simple Push, it uses the old behavior and returns immediately.
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Track and re-send push unregister requests on reconnect. r=dragana
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Back out changeset f7e1ab1bd99c for X(3) failures.
So, this fix is more complicated than I thought. Backed out because I pushed the wrong changeset to try, which would have caught this. Writing up some notes for debugging later.

1. `_queueRequest` shouldn't queue "unregister" requests if `this._dataEnabled`. Otherwise, they'll get sent twice: once when the enqueued `this._send(data)` is called, and a second time when `_sendPendingRequests` is called after the server says hello.

2. I think `_send` needs to check if the request is still in `_pendingRequests`, so that it doesn't try to resend timed-out requests. But maybe that check isn't necessary if we don't enqueue requests? (Since we always keep them in the map).

3. If (2) is restored, `_sendRequest` needs to call `this._pendingRequests.set` before `this._queueRequest`. Otherwise, _send will think the request has timed out, when it just hasn't been added yet.
Another issue: we queue unregisters conditionally, but we don't know if data is enabled until after we finish connecting.

Realistically, I think we can always wait for unregister replies, regardless of whether the server we're talking to is Web or Simple Push. That simplifies the logic a bit. I also added some comments to _queueRequest and _send.
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Track and re-send push unregister requests on reconnect. r=dragana
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