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Steps to reproduce:

open a website which is running some flash elements for ad purposes besides the actual content which is for example a bunch of pictures/slideshows.

An website for example:

Actual results:

When you go to the slideshow and advise to go to the next site then firefox is going to reload the website with the new content and ask if I want to allow a plugin to run.
okok... depends on website implementation.
I don't want to decide that with the remember my choice attribute. i would just like to ignore that.
So when the website is going to load the content the picture of the slideshow is beeing shown as first and then a second later the request bar for the addon is beeing loaded.
That means the buttons to move to the next page of the slideshow is moving up and down all the time.

Expected results:

I wish to have the choice to have this "should I run the addon request bar" on the bottom of firefox.

Comment 1

3 years ago
Honestly it's just a bad design from the Spiegel's website, a slideshow should not reload the entire webpage.
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Product: Firefox → Core

Comment 2

3 years ago
yes, you're right, no doubt.
But it is the occasion for the browser to provide a fluent browsing experience, isn't it?
I think a browser should smoothen edges brought in by some stupid designs implementations as long as the browser is not going to break with any standards.
I am not a friend of let someone (you) do the job of somebody else who did a fault (webdesigner).
But in this case the provided example is only one case and it is a huge effort to insist on each webdev to fix their design in every case it occurs, if they would anyway...
And honestly it should not be a showstopper to move the plugin bar to the bottom, uuh?

Should a market leading product smoothen faults by other products, with the intension to provide a more fluent overall experience, as long as it doesn't break any standards? While the alternative is to go to each websites webdeveloper dpt. and to explain why I don't want to use their flash plugin and am tired by the plugin notification bar of -my- browser?

Honestly, I would understand if you flag this report as "WON'T FIX" as it is not mozilla's fault.
Most likely I would do also. But as a customer I would also provide a patch for this thing, if... if I became a dev.

Thank you!
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