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Make download of customizable via a config setting


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Similar to bug 724190 we should also drop a copy of into external tools. This might help a couple of projects which do not have this script available locally. As of now we only download it with developer mode turned on, but that's not always what you want on a production system.

Has anyone complains about that?
Let me take it. A patch will be ready in a moment.
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It adds the file to the external_tools sub folder, makes the patch available in the, and removes the code which existed to fetch the file. Not sure if anything else is necessary. Please let me know.

A try run is still active:
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Discussed this with Jordan on IRC and he is not that happy to have to maintain one more instance of it. So I had another idea to make it better configurable via a config setting. I think that is way better, and even only a 2-line patch.
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Summary: Place a copy of into /external_tools → Make download of customizable via a config setting
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Very simple patch which shouldn't break anything. So I don't think a try server build is necessary. But let me know if it is.
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jlund: if we don't place a copy of the tooltool script in Mozharness, we will then have to deploy that script to the TaskCluster docker images (or use the new flag).

IMHO, we should drop the "official" locations of those scripts ({git,hg,tool} and make the Mozharness location the official place.
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