Cannot to debug the most files from the folder js/ext via Firefox WebIDE



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2 years ago
I’m working on implementation of some specific features in FFOS Email application and I’ve faced with a problem with debugging of some .js files.
At the FirefoxWebIDE debugger I can see and debug some files, for example:
“email\js\mail_app.js” ,
Also in the debugger I can see .js files which are placed in the folder “email\js\card”.
But looks like it’s not possible to see in the debugger and debug some files which are placed in the folder “email\js\ext” and any files which are placed in subfolders of the folder “email\js\ext”, for example:
and etc.

Does anybody can help to debug files placed in the folder “email\js\ext” and in subfolders of the folder “email\js\ext\”?

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2 years ago
Hi Email owners, did you meet this issue before? The reporter is on v2.2 of both Gecko and Gaia.
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Those scripts are loaded into a web worker, and traditionally those have been hard to debug using the developer tools. 

In the preferences for the dev tools it looks like there is a "Enable worker debugging (in development)", but when I just tried in Mulet, it did not seem to expose the scripts in the Debugger tab. Given the label on the option, it seems like its success may be variable as it is in development.

The ext/ code is developed in this repo:

and it has some tests of its own, but uses fake servers for the tests.

In the past, I have used console.log() style of debugging to print out things in the worker. It is not as nice as actual debugger support though.
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I'm going to resolve this since this is a devtools issue and there's nothing to be done in this component and duping will probably just lead to general confusion.

Bug 1003097 is the meta-bug on worker debugging.  It looks like UI support landed in Gecko 41, and fxos v2.2 uses Gecko 37, so that's unlikely to work.  But if developing against trunk using b2g-desktop and/or a real trunk device, it might work.  (Although the low-level worker XPCOM debugger back-end landed in Gecko 36, the actor protocol used by devtools means that remote debugging still requires the landed actor support.)
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