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Invalid element passed to the method IsElementClickableAndReadable


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Testing the fix of the bug 1208370, I also found another issue in the method IsElementClickableAndReadable. In [1], there are some large buttons with a text and an icon (for instance the button “API >”). When the click occurs on the icon, the method returns that the element is unreadable. In this case, the zoomed view is wrongly displayed.
It’s because the tested frame in this method is not the correct one. It must be the frame linked to the clickable element (the container element of the text + the icon) and not the frame linked to the touch point element (the icon).
This issue is more visible in this page because the jquery-mobile library uses an invisible span element (with the entity  ) to display the icon. 

Assignee: nobody → domivinc
I fixed this error passing the clickable content element in the calls to IsElementClickableAndReadable.
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Same, please add a test and re-request review. Also s/cats/kats/
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