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Add to nsTHashTable the ability to remove an already-found entry


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This is a follow-up to bug 1202526, which did the same thing for PLDHashTable.

Here are two common nsTHashTable usage patterns:

> Entry* entry = table.GetEntry(key);
> if (!entry) {
>     return NS_ERROR_BLAH;
> }
> table.RemoveEntry(key);

> Entry* entry = table.GetEntry(key);
> if (foo(entry)) {
>     table.RemoveEntry(key);
> }

In both cases RemoveEntry() does an unnecessary re-lookup. You could instead use RawRemoveEntry(), but it does not subsequently shrink the table if its capacity gets too low.

This bug is about adding a new function that takes an already found entry (like RawRemoveEntry()) but also shrinks the table afterwards if appropriate (like RemoveEntry()).
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When reviewing the toolkit/ patch, I realized one (small) problem is that people might do something like:

Entry* e = mTable.GetEntry(x);

if (e) {
  // ...
  // do something with e, which points to something completely different

It looks like e will have been destroyed, which may or may not leave it in a state that is sensible, but mTable could also have been resized, which means e may also point to a valid entry...just not the entry we thought it did.

WDYT about making RemoveEntry taking an |Entry*&|, so we can null out the pointer from the hashtable code?  (Maybe as a followup bug?)  That way, people mistakenly using Entry* after removing it would get a loud error about it (a null pointer dereference), rather than things happening to work and then not...  I guess RemoveEntry should also have documentation stating that you're not supposed to use the entry after it has been removed, too.
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> WDYT about making RemoveEntry taking an |Entry*&|, so we can null out the
> pointer from the hashtable code? 

Not a bad idea...
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(part 2) - Optimize nsTHashTable::RemoveEntry() usage in dom/

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