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Steps to reproduce:

Installed Firefox

Actual results:

No addons were installed

Expected results:

Firefox should come with the following addons (with their respective rationale):

HTTPS Everywhere - obvious security gains

uBlock Origin - allow users, not advertising agencies or criminal hackers, to control the user's browser

RequestPolicy - allows users to distrust cross-site requests

NoScript - allows users to opt-in to receiving Javascript

Comment 1

2 years ago
Alternatively: Implementing analogous features as part of the Firefox core that doesn't require the addition of third-party add-ons would be even better. Sort of how Firefox has had a popup blocker for ages?
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2 years ago
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This is a Firefox product decision, probably a wontfix but up to dcamp or someone to make
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Comment 3

2 years ago
HTTPS Everywhere can be replaced by solid HSTS + preloading.

Features offered by, e.g. NoScript and RequestPolicy ought to be a core feature. Feel free to reinvent the wheel here, I just think users should have more power over what third parties can do to their browser (and, consequently, their computer).

Something /like/ uBlock Origin ought to be bundled with Firefox, even if it's not that particular addon.


2 years ago
Summary: Feature Request: Default Extensions → Feature propose: Add some extensions to default installation
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