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fetch requests don't show up as XHR requests


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Visit with the Console panel open. 
2. In the "Net" sub-panel, make sure "XHR" is selected and "Log" is *not*. 
3. Refresh the page if you have to. 

Expected result. 
The javascript does does a fetch() to `/ajaxornot/view6-data`. Expect to see that request in the console with a little XHR badge. 

Actual result.
It doesn't show up. Re-enabling the "Log" option under "Net" you see that these requests are treated like regular file resources like images and CSS.
Note: This web app uses the native fetch API [0] which perhaps does things differently from jQuery.ajax or ng-http or one of those. The web app has a polyfill [1] but I don't think it's kicking into effect in Fx 43. 

Perhaps the XHR badge is based on the `X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest` header. Either way, it's XHR and so it should have the badge I guess. 

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Note that the request also isn't showing up in the netmonitor when the XHR filter is applied
Another example that uses fetch alongside an xhr request:
The fetch request shows up as 'other' in the netmonitor in this example
This demonstrates the problem in Brian's jsfiddle.

But the worst problem is that I often don't want to see the noise of downloading lots of static assets, so normally I switch of "Log" under the Console tab. But I can't with fetch requests.
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make Fetch requests show up as XHR in network monitor

Change the network monitor to categorize Fetch requests as "XHR".
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Fix test URL -- worked locally but not in try.
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