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Give DrawResult operators to make it easier to combine different DrawResults


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Right now we only combine different DrawResults in nsCSSRendering::PaintBackgroundWithSC(), but to fix 1209703 we're going to have to combine them in *many* places, because borders are frequently drawn using loops. This operation is going to be so common that I think operator overloads are justified.

The operators that I think make the most sense to use for this are the bitwise AND operators, because conceptually combining DrawResults works in the same way as bitwise AND: the result is DrawResult::SUCCESS only if both operands are DrawResult::SUCCESS, and otherwise the result is failure. The details are slightly more complicated, because DrawResult::BAD_IMAGE should also be sticky; see the comments in the patch for details.
(In reply to Seth Fowler [:seth] [:s2h] from comment #0)
> DrawResult::BAD_IMAGE should
> also be sticky; see the comments in the patch for details.

Actually I stated this exactly backwards - DrawResult::BAD_IMAGE is explicitly non-sticky, because we want to know if there were any recoverable failures that might go away if we do another paint. So we only want to return DrawResult::BAD_IMAGE if there were no recoverable failures. Unlike comment 0, the comments in the patch get this right. =)
Here's the patch.
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