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For particular hotmail accounts will not be remembered


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Account Configuration, defect)

SeaMonkey 2.38 Branch
Windows 7
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Steps to reproduce:

After setting up one of my hotmail accounts in the email client, the client won't remember the password. There was a glitch a few versions back where I couldn't access this account at all. I've tried deleting the account and setting it back up, but it just won't remember my password. I have to enter it every time I open up the client.

Actual results:

The client will always ask for the password for that particular email client. I have two other hotmail accounts that do not have this problem.

Expected results:

After entering the password once and saving it, I should not ever have to reenter my password.
In "Bug 1208971 - After Update from 2.35: German Version Password-Manager does not populate password-fields" the problem is limited to SM 2.38 (de)

Please tell
a) your WIN version and Language
b) localization of your SM installer
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See Also: → 1208971
a) Windows 7 Enterprise, English version.

b) I don't know what that means.
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OS: Unspecified → Windows 7
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
(In reply to Jeff Brown from comment #2)
b): The language of the SeaMonkey user Interface without any active language pack
> I have two other hotmail accounts that do not have this problem.
I think you use SeaMonkey for those accounts?
That does not look like a general SeaMonkey problem.

Two other Hotmail accounts don't have any problem with remembering my password, nor do two other email accounts. It's one specific account out of five. If that's not a Seamonkey issue then so be it, but it's frustrating as a user.
Is that account listed in Password manager?
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Summary: Seamonkey mail client won't remember one of my passwords → For particular hotmail accounts will not be remembered
No, it is not. Nor do I see a way to do so. I've deleted and re-added the account, I've imported the information from Thunderbird, and I've looked for a way to add that to Seamonkey, but I can't find a way to do so.

Seamonkey has the IMAP passwords for two of my three Hotmail accounts remembered, but only one of the three SMTP passwords remembered. Again, I don't know how to add more or to fix the problem, other than to try uninstalling and reinstalling Seamonkey.
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