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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: MDN Social Media Specialist - Contract Extension
Tracking  ID:1180924
MDN (the Mozilla Developer Network) is a premier technical reference for web developers. To achieve the goal of 4 million users per month and 1,100 content contributors, MDN is launching several campaigns as part of an overall social media program to determine the effectiveness of various social media channels (beginning with Twitter) and content in growing traffic and contribution. The creation, coordination, and responses to campaign social media represents work that will exceed the capacity of MDN’s staff content team, as well as being outside their existing skill sets. 

The Social Media Specialist will work with internal and external subject matter experts to research, write, edit and share content related to MDN campaigns and daily operations. Posts will be primarily on Twitter, although Instagram, YouTube and Facebook may be added. The Social Media Specialist will partner closely on campaign development, joining the content and brand teams in brainstorming and executing the social component of marketing targeting developers, as part of an overall campaign strategy that includes reference articles, tutorials, guides, blog posts, social media, and more.

Danielle has been doing an excellent job in this role, and we'd like to extend and expand her contract. 
Additional Information:

Key Initiative: Business Support
Release Date: 2015-09-30
Project Status: launched
Mozilla Data: No
Mozilla Related: MDN
Separate Party: Yes
Type of Relationship: Vendor/Services
Data Access: No
Privacy Policy: 
Vendor Cost: > $25,000
Depends on: 1210064

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3 years ago
Bug 1210064 - Legal Review: MDN Social Media Specialist - Contract Extension
Bug 1210065 - Finance Review: MDN Social Media Specialist - Contract Extension


3 years ago
Depends on: 1210065

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3 years ago
Ali - Can you please cc me into the legal bug. Thanks.
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3 years ago
Erica you are added to the cc for the bug:
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2 years ago
Reuesting an extension through end of January 2017.

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2 years ago
We're working on a new contract for Danielle that is pending approval from Denelle/Legal (bug 

However, Danielle's current contract ends on January 31st, and I'd like for her not to lose LDAP and other access while we wait for final approval and signatures on the new contract. Can we extend for 15 days to cover? Do not need additional $.
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2 years ago
Hi Ali, since there are no additional cost, finance bug does not require an update. You will need to make this request in the legal bug. Thanks.
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2 years ago
Done in the legal bug.
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