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- Clear recent history (consistent experience with desktop and Android  

**User Stories:**


As a user I want to forget recent browsing history.

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- Also known as Clear Recent History on Desktop (and Android?). Allows you to say "forget what I did in the past hour." Per Stefan, this is something we can also do as of iOS9.
- May include forget (timeframe)


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Summary: Forget recent browsing history → [meta] Forget recent browsing history


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N.B., with Sync enabled this becomes a little thorny: with the current history record format we are not able to sync deletions for _some_ visits for a site.

If you visit google.com on Monday, then on Friday visit it again and choose "clear recent", we have two choices:

* Clear the visits locally. Next time the google.com record is redownloaded by this device (e.g., after a node reassignment, after another client merges history, …), the visits will reappear.

* Clear the entire history for that URL. It'll look like you never visited google.com. Depending on the site, this could be harmful: perhaps the site will be conspicuous by its absence, or perhaps you killed useful history by accident (you searched on google.com, found a page, clicked a link and ended up on a porn site, and now you just removed google.com from your top sites).

As with Bug 1162778 and Bug 1209097, we should probably be careful to tell the user of the consequences of their actions.
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