"Run locally" in task inspector should be in a twirldown



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In most cases, users do not need this information, and it clutters an already kind of imposing display.
I'm sorry to disagree - I think this is such an important piece that it should be immediately visible. A lot of users will only realise they can run locally when they see it. This is such a game-changer from the old days where the task environment was a black box, I think it is really important we promote it.

I think it is much more likely to go unnoticed and undiscovered if we minimise it, that we'd lose a lot of the advantage we had gained.
I was thinking of replacing the big block of <pre> with something friendly like

 "Need to dig into a problem with this task?  You can run the task locally in Docker to inspect and debug!  See more..."

Then we could put that at the top, above the payload and the link to the task description, to give it even more visibility.
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Pete, do we think we want to do this or are we still against doing it? I'm just looking for good first bugs.
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I'll defer to UI guy for his opinion! :-)

Maybe "run locally" is indeed less relevant now (i.e. could be hidden away), as we since have added interactive feature / one-click loaner, which is probably the preferred approach to debugging/troubleshooting (at least for trivial issues that can be solved quickly). I'm not sure.
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I assume this is now wontfix because of the task-inspector update!
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I kinda still want it -- I think it would make a nice line on the "Debug" button bar -- but honestly this is so crazy minor that I'm not worried about it.  And I think we already have plenty of good-first-bug's listed in the tools component, so it's not useful in that way either.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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An example task inspector page is https://tools.taskcluster.net/task-inspector/#IfVqUhtkT_-nQKNxsT80Ow/

You can scroll to the bottom and see a big blob of text that we would like to be hidden by default. There's a line of buttons above it called "Debug" and we should add a button there that shows/hides this text.

The source for this project is located at https://github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-tools

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2 years ago
Hi bstack, changes done as suggested and I just pushed the code, Kindly review. Thanks.

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2 years ago
In master: https://github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-tools/commit/9b1e8c086a0d934fbfd0659cef7a9a8cdd0e0a2d
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