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Upgrade Loop's use of eslint (eslint version 1.5.1, eslint-plugin-react version 3.5.1)


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44.2 - Oct 19
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For each library:

- Library versions are maintained in browser/components/loop/standalone/package.json
- Review the release notes from the current library version to the new version
-- Look out for any significant changes/additions/breaking changes
-- Eslint release notes listed on blog:
-- Eslint-plugin-react list at:
- Update the library versions in the package.json file
- Run `make install` in the standalone directory to install the new library version
- Run eslint:
-- `cd browser/components/loop`
-- `standalone/node_modules/.bin/eslint --ext .js --ext .jsm --ext .jsx .

- Ensure no errors occur, fixing them if they do occur.

Occasionally a library will have an error that's an actual regression, and if so it then needs filing with the library, and typically we hold off the upgrade until it is fixed.

- Submit the patch for review, reference any of the major changes spotted.
- When it lands, send notification of any major changes to loop-frontend-dev. For new features, we're generally only enabling them if we know we really want them to aid review etc.
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I want this so that we can start using the --fix option. There's a few review comments I've had recently where if we enable a few more rules I wouldn't have to make them, those rules are currently broken, but fixable by eslint. So lets get the update, and once we finish some more of the code removals, then I'll set up a bug for the extra rules.
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Upgrade Loop's use of eslint (to 1.6.x) and eslint-plugin-react (to 3.5.x)

+    "space-before-keywords": [2, "always"],
This rule was added in 1.4, and the code already passes that. :)
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