Trying to upload an extension with no install.rdf



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Results in a message like this:

There was once work to make an addon work without an install.rdf, but according to IRC it never happened. I think in this case it should just say "hey you've got no install.rdf".

We'll have to make this work for web extensions which do not have an install.rdf, but that's a seperate bug.
At the moment we support extensions with either an install.rdf or a package.json manifest:

We'll need to add another case where we detect a manifest.json.

So this means we'll want a message saying something like "missing a manifest file" and maybe pointing at a MDN page?

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3 years ago
We may support that, but I think that's wrong. A Web Extension is the only add-on where an install.rdf can be missing I believe and that should be covered in the Web Extension bug 1210037.
We may support what? What is wrong?

As explained in comment 1 we currently support add-ons with package.json or install.rdf manifests. We'll add manifest.json with bug 1210037.

So if I understand this bug correctly, it's about adding a message "your extension is missing a manifest file". I'm not sure, but that might make sense to be done in the validator.

What do you think :mstriemer?
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We used to require an install.rdf file but I added support for a package.json file when we added some more support for jpm packages. The commit [1] that added support should probably be removed, not sure if it is revertable but I'm assuming not. 

The code to load the package.json file [2] and the code that sets an error [3] definitely needs to change.

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Attached a sample .xpi that generates this problem, in this case its just a zip file with package.json, but no install.rdf. 

If however you run the `jpm xpi` command, you'll get a package with the package.json file, containing install.rdf, the RDF will contain an appropriate platform.


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