Disable Global and Indexer search don't disabled Local Search (indexer).



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Disable global search by uncheck "Enable Global Search and Indexer"
2. Check "Select this folder in offline use" in folder what we use in our test.
3. Close Thunderbird
4. Delete global-messages-db.sqlite
5. Open Thunderbird
6. In Quick Filter select Body for search
6. Try to search text inside docx document (GLODA don't support it) in Quick Filter (Search)

Actual results:

No results

Expected results:

Nowdays servers (and mine too: I checked it by send commands under ssl_client) support search (by IMAP command SEARCH) inside docx/xlsx and many more documents. So Thunderbird don't use this possibility even with unchecked "Enable Global Search and Indexer". It's force local search in every way - it's not right sometimes.
BUT if we uncheck "Select this folder in offline use" - Thunderbird will use IMAP SEARCH command instead of local (GLODA) search.

So I have two choices:
1) Use Sync and be blind with Search by documents.
2) Don't use Sync and have good Search by documents.

But I can't use Sync and IMAP SEARCH at the same time.

Bug checked on 38 and 41 versions.

Comment 1

2 years ago
Global search and quick filter are totally unrelated. Except that both operate strickly on downloaded (synced) parts of messages.

To search imap folders online you want to use Edit | Search Messages.
Also, it is not necessary to delete global-messages-db.sqlite to fully disable Global Search
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