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nsPermissionsManager.cpp references non-existent appId column in moz_perms table


(Core :: Permission Manager, defect)

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firefox44 --- fixed


(Reporter: bkelly, Assigned: nika)




(2 files, 1 obsolete file)

This initial query to clear the database was initially removed because of the removal of the appId column, and replaced with the following logic which parses the origin strings to obtain the appId property, and then removes those entries using `AddInternal`. Unfortunately, during a rebase, it appears as though the code crept back into the codebase.

I'm not sure why this codepath wasn't ever tested before bkelly noticed it, but we should probably add a test of some form which actually runs the RemovePermissionsForApp codepath, to ensure that it actually works.


(I think that this patch should work correctly, and fix the problem, but I would also want to add another test, to make sure that this code path isn't neglected in the future)
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Remove incorrect sql statement from nsPermissionManager::RemovePermissionsForApp

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Please ensure this is tested before merging :)
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Re-uploaded with correct r=jdm - because why not
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Here are some tests for RemovePermissionForApp.
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