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MozReview posts too many logs in Bugzilla when updating a large patchset


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I sometimes have patchset consists of ~10 patches. Every time when I push a new version of that patchset, a terribly large number of logs (including comments and attachment changes) are posted to the bug page, which looks annoying.

I think all of those logs should be merged into one single comment.

I guess that would need change from Bugzilla side as well.
I really hope this could be fixed soon, because one major advantage of MozReview for me is that I can submit a bunch of patches with one command, while the main disadvantage is that, it produces too many meaningless comments in bugzilla especially when there are too many patches, which makes me afraid to use MozReview.

Producing too many messages also makes it harder to locate truly important information. I did sometimes lose in the logs and miss some review comments.
Agreed, I really want this fixed too.  I believe I can interrupt dylan's priorities for this.  I'll file an associated bug for the work on BMO (the bulk of it).
Depends on: 1226028
I just wrote a userscript which would merge successive updates together if:
* it has the same author as its previous update, and
* it is posted in 5min after its previous update, and
* both updates are a change/comment to an attachment

It is based on the Bugzilla experimental user interface, so it may not work with the tranditional user interface. (You can enable the experimental user interface in General Preferences.)

This should, to some extent, improve the readability of bug pages spammed by MozReview.
dbaron, you may find it helpful.
Oh nice, thanks!  Note that we're actively working on this right now.  Dylan has a BMO patch that will collapse all created/updated MozReview-attachment emails into a single email, and then he'll work on the supercollapse feature to collapse them all in the UI.  Should be ready within a week or so.
Attachment #8704634 - Attachment mime type: application/x-javascript → application/x-javascript; charset=UTF-8
Attachment #8704634 - Attachment description: userscrtipt to collapse updates → userscript to collapse updates
This is another step toward switching to a single Bugzilla API call for
attachment actions.  We now prep all the attachment adds and updates and
then execute them sequentially.

Review commit:
See other reviews:
Attachment #8704931 - Flags: review?(smacleod)
Attachment #8704930 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #8704930 - Flags: review?(smacleod)
Attachment #8704931 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #8704931 - Flags: review?(smacleod)
Depends on: 1237491
Added a blocker (bug 1237491) for the prep work so we can land it when it's ready, rather than waiting on bug 1226028 (this prep work should actually give a slight perf boost on its own for large commit sets).
Blocks: 1246861
No longer blocks: 1246861
Product: Developer Services → MozReview
Component: General → Review Board: Extension
Blocks: 1226080
Note that the first part of this (bug 1237491) landed, which merges attachment/flag create/update bugmail into a single email.  However there are some other unintended side effects that were noted by glandium in bug 1259963.  I think we need to step back and see if this is really the best way to solve this.
No longer blocks: 1226080
Depends on: 1226080
Depends on: 1293702
xidorn: we now collapse all comments related to the creation or update of MozReview attachments.  It's not perfect (bug 1226488 will make this even better) but it will remove some of the clutter.  Is this an improvement for you?  We could also get a bit more refined, e.g. tag attachment creation separately from update, but I'm not sure that's necessary.
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I'm not working on large patchsets recently, so I don't have a chance to verify whether the new experience is a big improvement for me, but yeah I think it should be better than before, and would be even better if multiple updates could be collapsed together. Thanks for working on this!
Flags: needinfo?(xidorn+moz)
MozReview is now obsolete. Please use Phabricator instead. Closing this bug.
Closed: 5 years ago
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