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Treeherder changes for the splitting of mochitest-oth into a11y and chrome jobs


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Once bug 1211889 has decided the new buildernames, Treeherder will need to be updated before the changes there are deployed.

We'll also need to know desired job symbols and descriptions.
job symbols:
M(c1 c2 c2)

buildernames- still have to figure that out
buildernames in patch up for review:
+ Windows XP 32-bit mozilla-central opt test mochitest-chrome-1
+ Windows XP 32-bit mozilla-central opt test mochitest-chrome-2
+ Windows XP 32-bit mozilla-central opt test mochitest-chrome-3
+ Windows XP 32-bit mozilla-central pgo test mochitest-a11y

this would be for all platforms and many different branches, just note:
mochitest-chrome-[1-3] -> M(c1/c2/c3)
mochitest-a11y -> M(a)
is this something you want me to do, if so can you point me to a similar patch which I can then fine the code to edit via the example?

If you want to handle it, please let me know what else you need and a general time window (i.e. this week, next year, etc.)
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I'm happy to do it, will fix this week.
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Thanks Ed!  When this is deployed, I will land the buildbot patch!
mochitest-chrome was already supported, so I just had to add a test for that part.

The review here is more about symbol/description/buildername; the treeherder implementation parts are pretty standard (and the tests pass) so don't worry about that.
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Add support for mochitest-ally

I see the test for c2, but I don't see any code for M(c[x]).  I assume this already exists?
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Commit pushed to master at
Bug 1211905 - Add support for mochitest-ally

And add a test for chunked mochitest-chrome.
(In reply to Joel Maher (:jmaher) from comment #7)
> I see the test for c2, but I don't see any code for M(c[x]).  I assume this
> already exists?

See comment 6 :-)

I'll try and do a prod deploy tomorrow.
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