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Once bug 1212936 has migrated all user of legacy oauth credntials, we can remove support, including that pesky credentials.json file and credentials columns on the datasource table :-)
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Remove support for OAuth credentials

Will request review nearer to when the last of the submitters are due to migrate to Hawk credentials.
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Remove support for OAuth credentials

It's too early to land, but we can get the review out of the way at least :-)
(Absolutely no rush).
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3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1212937 - Rename OAuthLoaderMixin to ClientLoaderMixin

Since the name is no longer accurate.
Bug 1212937 - Remove API support for OAuth credentials

Since they are deprecated and all submitters have switched over to using
Hawk credentials instead.

The automatically created migrations file was edited to remove the
unused `models` import, since otherwise flake8 complains. We could
alternatively exclude the migrations directory from flake8, however we
would then miss linter errors in any hand-written migrations files.

In addition, Django have fixed the issue in 1.9:
Bug 1212937 - Remove Python client support for OAuth credentials

Since they are deprecated and no longer supported by the API.
The Python client version will be bumped in a later commit.
Bug 1212937 - Remove support for passing `auth` to the Python client

The `auth` parameter was intended to receive either a `TreeherderAuth`
instance (for OAuth credentials), or a `HawkAuth` instance. The former
no longer exists since OAuth support has been removed, and the latter is
not necessary, since the client now supports simply passing `client_id`
and `secret` to the `TreeherderClient` constructor, as a simpler way of
specifying the Hawk credentials. As such, the `auth` parameter is
superfluous and can be removed.
Bug 1212937 - Bump the Python client to v2.0.0

The changes since v1.8.0 (`auth` parameter / OAuth removal) are
potentially breaking, so bumping the major version, in line with SemVer.
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