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Add ability to produce memory reports


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It can be useful to record a memory report mid-test, especially in the case of a long-running test or an endurance test that only encounters oom crashes in automation.

As discussed, a helper function for saving memory reports would fit nicely in the marionette-driver package, not directly in the Marionette class but in a support class. 

The idea was initially inspired by this quick hack for media tests running against Firefox Desktop:

And a better way to do it might be:
* mozmill-tests:
If we want to directly save the reports the current code of media tests would make sense. But it doesn't give us a way to handle specific memory data. Maybe Marionette should allow to fetch a memory report and the test or harness itself defines what to do with it?

A question here is how many resources it takes to make those dumps and get them transferred. Saving to disk might be faster. In such a case we should better pass in the path of the dump file to the execute_script call, so it will not be saved to the binary. This will invalidate the hash of the Firefox folder.
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Summary: [marionette-driver] Add ability to produce memory reports → Add ability to produce memory reports
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