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3 years ago
I think this is a recent regression, either from the 42 beta cycle or the last week or so (maybe google's side ?). At any rate the rough STR are to open one or more google docs, then use beta for a few days until it prompts you to update. I think I had open two google docs, plus a Google drive window.

Some time after 24 hours you'll be using 4G of memory (vs ~ 1G at startup), and Firefox will be pretty sluggish. Using about:memory there was 400+ MB allocated to a single google doc, and heap-unclassified is over 800G. Re-measuring with about:memory resulted in that using more than 500MB too, although this could be minimized away.

Currently have 42.0b4 on Mac 10.10.5, with these addons enabled:
 Name 	Version
about:addons-memory	10.1-signed
Beef Taco (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out)
FoxClocks	4.0.2
LastPass		3.2.21
uBlock Origin	1.2.0

about:addons-memory doesn't show any addons using much memory (28M for Block, 12M for lastpass). Quite a few windows, and lots of tabs.

I'm going to run some extra Firefoxes with a new profile and new profile+addon, to see if they exhibit this too. Hopefully this isn't a crufty profile + addon specific, then again hopefully it is!

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3 years ago
No problems after leaving all three setups running over the weekend, so this may be a heisenbug. Updating to 42.0b5 now.
Hello Nick,

We are cleaning up untriaged bugs and I came across this one. If this is still an issue, can you place it in the proper component? If it is not, could you please close this bug?

Thank you,

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3 years ago
It's hard to say, tbh. I've failed to reproduce in a fresh profile sitting idle, so it seems like something that is the combination of my profile and addons and gdocs. Sometimes only heap-unclassified will be large. I don't really want to lose my history in a profile reset, or some of the addons. Any suggestions for other profile cleanup that can be done ?
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