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Implement "last changed by"


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I am trying to create a query that acts as much as possible like an "inbox,"
showing me only my bugs that I haven't yet looked at.  As a grand step towards
doing this would be to be able to query on "last changed by," or specifically in
my case, "not last changed by" myself.

I would expect that this would be in that boolean chart at the bottom, but a
textfield or even a checkbox saying "where I was not the last person to change
this bug" would work.  Though to be general probably the checkbox is not the
best idea.
Is an additional comment a change? Probably so. Then the last entry from the
bugs_activity table is not enough.
Whenever our changed date gets set, the changer should be set, IMO.
Brad is there any easy way to do a join like this in one SQL statement?  That is
to say, join with only the record with the greatest value in a specific field
included?  Kind of like LIMIT and SORT BY combined but for a subsidiary table?

And to play devil's advocate here, and convince myself, what if two people make
changes at exactly the same time?
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Hmm. So you want to find the last time on teh activity table where the changer
was not you, and where you are ccd to the bug? I'm not sure you can do that
without subselects (or even with, at least easily)
I doubt it is possible as well.  Comments changes, for example, do not show up
in the Bug Activity log, AFAICT.  One would really need a new field for this.
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