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Move taskcluster mach commands into a standalone module


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As far as I can tell, the taskcluster mach commands are mostly used by automation. E.g the decision task calls |mach taskcluster-graph| here:

But there's no particular reason that it should be going through mach. A good pattern is to have all functional logic living in a standalone python module that both the automation and mach can call into.

Though in this case, it's not obvious to me that these commands are useful to anyone but a small handful of people, so I'm not sure it's worth cluttering up |mach help|.
I don't think we have a bug for it yet, because it hasn't become a priority, but we're looking at a way to generate task graphs more maintainably -- the plethora of copy/pasted yml files with inheritance is not making anyone happy.

We've talked about using and generating the graph using a JS app, rather than Python.  That would still be in-tree, but would facilitate both easy handling of JSON and outgoing calls to taskcluster APIs (e.g., createTask, createTaskGraph).

Maybe this bug gets transmuted into that one?
Andrew, based on our discsussions around bu 1258497, has this improved?  I'm still using `mach taskgraph decision`, but the alternative is to invoke something like `PYTHONPATH=here:there:another-place /path/to/python2.7 taskcluster/` which just seems a lot messier.
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Yeah, you mentioned that those commands are still useful to developers, and you moved almost all the logic to an external module. So I think this can be WONTFIX'ed.
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