Sent questions from supported locale not showing up on other devices.



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Steps to reproduce:
0. Change your locale to Spanish
1. Ask a question
2. Try to access it from another device with en-us locale

Expected results:
The questions should be visible to one of the supported locale questions lists (by default en-us)

Actual results:
The question doesn't appear on any of the other devices which are in en-US.

Bug 1206870 was filed for unsupported locales, but Spanish is one of the three that we are shipping.

I currently have a series of questions asked on staging including "Post from Spanish locale" and "Hola" that don't show on other devices.
Your description is BuddyUp working as expected. Questions asked while the device is set to Spanish should show up in the Spanish forum, which is only available to other Spanish-locale devices. We have separate forums for different supported languages.

Unsupported locales should post questions to the English forum, but supported locales should not. This is the assumption the BuddyUp code makes and that Sumo makes. Changing this assumption at this point in time is out of scope of the localization work.
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