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Stop parsing toplevel scripts statement at a time


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It's too hard to be correct w.r.t. new redeclaration early error semantics for global scripts since we parse them a statement at a time. If a syntax parsing error happens in some inner thing to a statement, we clear the outermost ParseContext.

Hacking around this to ensure redeclaration early errors are correct will be hacky and difficult to understand.

I don't think we have a realistic, maintainable way forward without killing this optimization. This will be both a time and space regression, unfortunately.
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Parse global scripts non-incrementally.

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::: js/src/frontend/BytecodeCompiler.cpp
@@ +601,3 @@
>              if (!pn && !handleStatementParseFailure(scopeChain, evalCaller, pc, globalsc))
>                  return nullptr;
>          } while (!pn);

As an aside, I'm not sure I understand this loop. It's the same as it was before. What if there's some non-syntactic non-solvable condition? What leads us to believe it will get better? Can that even happen?
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Remove drainGlobalOrEvalBindings and use generateBindings for all kinds of scripts.

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This is a nice simplification.
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