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3 years ago
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3 years ago
It seems that, when the user repeatedly and often visits a specific URL on a top tile, the tile itself never updates to reflect that URL, and may be stuck at an (outdated) URL (that was formerly popular) for the same domain, forever.

This makes the New Tab page partially useless since it navigates to outdated links.

Exact case:

Up until about a year ago I read a lot. It was probably my top frecency in history. I (almost entirely) stopped reading it a year ago, and have spent much time since reading If I use the Awesomebar, Dota2 is the nr1 URL displayed, and should be by far the most popular one on GlobalOffensive is nr4.

However, the nr2 tile[1] is "" with a screenshot of So, whenever I'd use the tiles to navigate to "", I'll end up in the wrong place.

[1] The nr1 tile is the nr3 from my Awesomebar. Dota2 (nr4) does not have a tile.

Comment 1

3 years ago
A bit of digging in the history shows that r/GlobalOffensive does have more total visits there, mostly because /r/DotA2 has several variations (https, r/dota2, r/Dota2).

So it looks like the frecency algorithm in the Awesombar is better at gathering current interest than whatever New Tab tiles use.

Limiting to 1 tab per domain may also not be ideal, especially if there are distinct popular entry pages.
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