mach should understand tbpl's test names (bc2, dt4, m5, etc.)




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It would be amazing if mach would understand the same test suite groups/names as reported on tbpl, so that when a test fails on a try run, I can rerun that same suite by just doing "mach run-tests bc2".  Right now there's a non-trivial amount of time spent figuring out how to actually run whatever the test suite was that failed locally in order to debug (and in some cases, how to configure that test suite to run!).
We've got the foundation for this:

It supports mN for mochitest. The only real problem here is that the chunking logic lives in buildbot and not in-tree currently, so this is best-effort. (It also doesn't have any provision for the fact that we break some suites into more chunks on mobile or debug or whatever.)
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