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3 years ago
I couldn't find a bug for this so filing new one.

Mike Han, can you add requirements here?

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3 years ago
Mike Han, 

Besides the blog post, do you have design direction for this? Anything additional that you can share would be great. Also, just to confirm, this is for just in case we get a notification that we might be featured, and we are not yet being featured, correct? That will most likely affect how this gets prioritized. 


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3 years ago
We will never know if we are going to get featured or not.  Sometimes Apple requests this and sometimes they dont.  Id like to have it ready unless the team is okay shuffling for a fast turnarond if we need to get on it.  

Design direction:

One simple version is the Firefox icon and title logo

Id like this to communicate Firefox very clearly.  (no ios device or text should be used.. just a graphic.  An image like the one we use on the social media pages would be cool too. It looks grand.

Take a look at the app store for examples of whats out there.  =]  Im happy to discuss with a designer.
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