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Intermittent test_weak_crypto.js | - Actual and expected connection result should match - 2153394174 == 2152398868


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Duplicate of this bug: 1215268
This has been failing quite frequently (at least two hundred times in two days) ever since bug 1168635 landed. I'd like to avoid having to back that out since you've landed UI on top of it. Could you look into this, Masatoshi-san?
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I'm looking into this.
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But please disable the test instead of reverting the entire patch. Looks like this is an existing bug. It's just no test was present before bug 1215268.
Attached patch Disable output stream buffering (obsolete) — Splinter Review
checkHandshake() will return a fake NS_ERROR_NET_RESET only once when insecure fallback is needed.
nsSocketInputStream and nsSocketOutputStream will store the error code separately.
So if nsSocketInputStream::Read() and nsSocketOutputStream::Write() is called alternately, the correct error code may not be stored.
Why Read() can be called before Write()? I couldn't investigate it completely, but apparently a buffered stream is doing something weird. If the buffering is enabled, Write() will never fail as long as the written size is smaller than the buffer. So the test couldn't receive error until onInputStreamReady() is fired.
I disabled the buffering to workaround the problem.

Android s4 succeeded 10/10 with this patch. Hopefully this patch can avoid intermittent failures...
Assignee: nobody → VYV03354
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Blocks: 1168635
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Disable output stream buffering

Review of attachment 8675256 [details] [diff] [review]:

For the moment, this looks like an ok solution. However, I do think there is a bug here that we should investigate in the future. r=me with comments addressed.

::: security/manager/ssl/tests/unit/test_weak_crypto.js
@@ +149,5 @@
> +          output.close();
> +          deferred.resolve();
> +          return;
> +        }
> +        equal(Cr.NS_OK, expectedResult, "Connection should success");

nit: s/success/succeed/

@@ -151,5 @@
>          input = transport.openInputStream(0, 0, 0);
>          input.asyncWait(handler, 0, 0,;
>        } catch (e) {
> -        let errorCode = -1 * (e.result & 0xFFFF);
> -        if (errorCode == SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_ALERT) {

If we're getting rid of SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_ALERT, we don't need to define it earlier on in startClient (same with SSL_ERROR_BASE as a result).
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Closed: 4 years ago
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Filed bug 1217368 to track the root cause.
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