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[Messages] Attachment file names can be completely unreadable for some scripts


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1. Share a contact with an arabic name to Messages.
2. Observe the name of the attachment.

The reason is that we replace all non-latin characters in filenames. It's a limitation in the MMS spec that makes it necessary to do this (see bug 909622 comment 3).


* From Julien: we could display a notice when this happens though. Something like "The attachment name has been modified because of MMS technical limits."
* From Bryant: So, if this garbled is something we can't avoid in this version, I guess we could just hide the filename entirely, and leave only the file extension as "vcf file" in the dialogue bubble.
Whiteboard: [sms-papercuts]
Notes: we can have this when sharing videos or music as well. (not images because we don't display the image filename).
This can happen with all non-latin characters (including characters with accent like french é).

So when we replace the full name I think your suggestion makes sense. But when we replace only part of the name, maybe the notice is better. And I'd like to have only one idea implemented ;)

NI Bryant to pursue the discussion.
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Got your point, so can we hide the full filename once there are any non-latin characters inside, and leave only the file extension? I just wonder if user might think their attachment is broke due to some transfer problem when they see the modified filename. 

If we can't, then adding a notice will be a valid solution as well. we could add it inside the bubble and make the statement like "This file name has been translated to standard format"
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We can, but for example, if we have a name like "Sébastien", we change it to "S#bastien", it still makes sense to see it. Of course it would be better to change to "Sebastien" (I even think we have a bug for this) but it's some more work.

That's why I was suggesting a non-permanent notice, like the one we have when switching to MMS for example.
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Make sense to me, then we go for the notice solution.

I'll refine the statement and discuss how to laying out the notice in the bubble with our visual designer.
Hi Julien,

Please phase the statement "Non-latin file name has been translated to standard format" under the attachment file name whenever there are Non-latin character inside the attached file name. Do you need a UX spec for this?

I've also talked the solution to Fang, she will give you a visual spec to laying out the statement
So it means we should put it at the bottom of the screen ? (sorry it's a lot easier to think of the position relatively to the screen.)

It will be overlaid over the composer then ? I remember that in the past we avoided this so that we wouldn't get in the way of the user. An alternative placement could be right on top of the composer (or subject) (I think we have such a - permanent - notice when we add a subject and we fill it in completely).

How many seconds should we keep it ? 3 seconds ?
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What I think is more like above attachment. Put the notice right under the modified filename, so user (both sharer and receiver ) know exactly what we means by that, do you think it's achievable?
Ah OK I understand what you mean. I don't think this is easy but we can try.

And after we send the message, should it stay in the message list ?
you mean should the notice stay in the message bubble?
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Yep that was my question here :)
Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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