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Treeherder single result set view is stuck "waiting for a push with revision xxx"


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Please, see [1], Treeherder doesn't show any results and just always displays "waiting for a push with revision xxx", it happens for other PR pushes as well. Close-open PR didn't help.

At the same time, [2] works fine.


Hey Kendall,

We were advised that you can help to diagnose this :)

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weird. I don't actually know what's up there. NI on Cam, maybe he knows what's up?  (sadly, he's PST, and Ed's out today)
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I see what's going on here.  I think a recent change caused a regression here.  Working on a fix now.  I'll try to get it pushed out as soon as possible.  But may only make it to stage today, tbh.
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This will happen with any revision that is full 40 chars in github repos.  The full 40 has been stored, but we are only searching for the 12 char, so it can never find it.  We need to search for both short and long in that field.
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As a sort-of work around, you can change the URL param from "revision" to "tochange" which will show your revision at the top of the list.
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Bug 1215450 - single resultset view stuck when using long revision

Some repos have been storing 40 char revisions, though most only store
But a recent change to search by only 12 chars, even if 40 passed in
the ability to search when the stored length was 40.  This change will
search for both length revisions, if the 40 char is passed in.
this is now fixed and pushed to master.  It should go to stage and production servers soon.
Closed: 6 years ago
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