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AudioChannelService leak in content processes


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Various tests leak 1 AudioChannelService object. This shows up with XPCOM leak checking, but does not trigger it because we are currently using a threshold-based system with some slack. In bug 1215148, I am adding a new leak checking method that has specific counts of leaked objects.

I suspect this does not show up in LSan because the service object is held alive in a global variable. I think it is a singleton leak so it is mostly a matter of maintaining leak checking hygiene.

This leaks in a number of tests:

One easy way I found to reproduce it is this:
  ./mach mochitest -f plain --e10s toolkit/content/tests/widgets/

(I thought there was a bug on file for this already, but I can't find one.)
How hard would this be to fix, Andrea? Is there some reason that the observer shutdown stuff is only in the parent process?
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I just noticed that the observers that are added and removed in a non-parent process don't match up.

Also, I'm having trouble applying this patch to trunk, though I'm not sure why.
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This makes it so that ipc:content-shutdown observation stuff only happens in the parent.
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Shut down AudioChannelService in the child process.

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I guess you should technically review this. :) I'll do a try push, too.
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