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Calendar/Lightning install/update issues tracker [meta]


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Thunderbird 78.0
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Let's track some of these issues in one place. 
Intentionally inludes some already closed bugs.
Depends on: 767646
See Also: → 1042615, 942661, 683328, 1140833, 719185
Summary: Calendar/Lightning install/update issues tracker → Calendar/Lightning install/update issues tracker [meta]
Depends on: 1228515
(Posting here rather than in bug 1211291.)

About 1.5M users have updated to 38.4.0 [1] which is about 20% of our ADI. Automatic updates have been disabled since Friday noon.

Of support topics mentioned in bug 1211291 comment 10, the only one so far that reports trouble with 38.4.0 is might be one new report of bug 1211291.  No new bug reports, and fallen indicated on IRC not hearing of any reports.

Plus there are these reports of other potentially related issues
- calendar getting re-enabled (only one report, theone)
- Several email accounts but can only load one at a time. Thunderbird 38.4.0.
- Bug 1228515 - Version 38.4.0 is lacking conext menue to convert email into task/appointment 
- perhaps not related but mentioning for completeness, Bug 1228251 - Mail of Gmail account keep disappearing

I think this is all far less than the problems reported for 38.3.0 when we were at a similar number of users. However, we will see what tomorrow brings, with automatic update still disabled.

~11 hours later ... two more reports in the various venues
- one in bug 1211291 comment 34, which is the same user reporting at "Almost all functionality gone"
- beuss in #calendar
And now for something totally different ...
Bug 1229555 - Lightning uninstalls itself on every minor Thunderbird upgrade
Alias: tb-ltng-updateprob
Depends on: 1229555
Depends on: 1046141
Depends on: 1176665
Depends on: 1172809
Depends on: 1167925
one report on 38.4.0 last week in bug 1211291. 
but nothing no others since comments 1-3
Depends on: 1211291
Depends on: 1235934
Depends on: 1196666
Depends on: 1235789
Depends on: 1236345
Depends on: 1236073
Depends on: 1236575
Depends on: 1203512
No longer depends on: 1228515
Depends on: 1267502
See Also: → 1167920
Depends on: 1246322
Depends on: 1249894
Depends on: 1267313
Depends on: 1326432
Depends on: 1326474
Depends on: 1326554
Depends on: 1329468
Depends on: 1357908
Depends on: 1203145
Depends on: 1230124
Depends on: 1396096
Depends on: 736076
Depends on: 1273098
Depends on: 1411858
Depends on: 1428721
Depends on: 1428620
Depends on: 1434228
Depends on: 1406499
Depends on: 1446128, 1446537, 1374286
Depends on: 1454841
Depends on: 1464014
Depends on: 1471555
Depends on: 1195125
Depends on: 1187657
Depends on: 1174164
Depends on: 1238497
Depends on: 1238874
Depends on: 1379510
Depends on: 1473880
Depends on: 1473873
Depends on: 1483928
Depends on: 1487459
Depends on: 1493008
Actually, I think all of these issues would be reduced by bug 1493008.
potential workaround for some users
Depends on: 1493802
The workaround listed on that page did not work for me.

However, I found one that worked: set intl.locale.requested = en

Once I set the locale to English, lighting would appear.
Erich, can you please file a separate bug for that and include a description of your setup?
Depends on: 1505822
Depends on: 1502823
Depends on: 1484532

How many of these can be resolved now?

Now that bug 1493008 is fixed, can this one also be closed, since there are no longer any Calendar/Lightning install/update issues?

Flags: needinfo?(vseerror)
Flags: needinfo?(vseerror)

Calendar is integrated in 78 and is no longer an addon, so we can say this meta bug is no longer needed. woot, woot!

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 78

(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #17)

Calendar is integrated in 78 and is no longer an addon, so we can say this meta bug is no longer needed. woot, woot!


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