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Steps to reproduce:

I want to diff between for example 41.0 & 41.0.2 to see what source lines of code have changed.

I searched and found https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Viewing_and_searching_Mozilla_source_code_online which I found poor.

And then discovered https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/ but the tags don't seem to correspond to versioned releases.

Actual results:

Can't discover a place to see the source changes.

Expected results:

Some UI like Github's for example


Though again, I cannot find any tag names that correspond to your 41.0, 41.0.1, 41.0.2 versioned releases.
The releases are tagged on the mozilla-release branch: http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-release/

You can see the changes by directly reading the log (not many for releases where only the third part of the version number changes) or construct a changelog like this: http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-release/pushloghtml?fromchange=FIREFOX_41_0_1_RELEASE&tochange=FIREFOX_41_0_2_RELEASE
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3 years ago
Thank you Sebastian! Though I still don't quite understand how to get a raw diff from that UI.

For example: http://s.natalian.org/2015-10-20/41.0..41.0.2.diff
This doesn't seem possible at the moment. There is a 5 year old patch which adds the feature but seems to have never landed in mercurial: https://selenic.com/pipermail/mercurial-devel/2010-October/025723.html

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3 years ago
For future reference, a mostly full set of endpoints on the Mercurial HTTP server is documented at https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/help/hgweb.

Diffing between two arbitrary revisions is a vector for denial of service attacks. If the server did support it, I wouldn't be too keen on enabling it, at least not without restrictions on output size.

There are a bunch of "diff to html" programs in the wild. I suggest piping the output of a locally run `hg diff` to one of them. `hg help config.diff` and `hg help diff` will tell you how to print diffs in a format suitable for whatever these tools insist on reading.
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