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[HELPWANTED] clean up vocabulary usage


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Currently, our "NC" vocabulary is a pile of ad-hoc hacks that have evolved over
time. We need to go on a crusade to formalize this and publish it. I volunteer
to start.
Target Milestone: M11
Target Milestone: M11 → M15
Summary: clean up vocabulary usage → [HELPWANTED] clean up vocabulary usage
sigh. this'll have to wait.
QA Contact: phillip
no qa contact needed
Keywords: helpwanted
Target Milestone: M15 → M20
Target Milestone: M20 → Future
Is there anything in particular you need cleaned up, or is this just a generic 
request?  I can certainly help with verifying consistency and syntax...
what we need is for somebody to

1. poke through the code base to catalogue the use of the namespace. Here's a starter list:

2. Optionally write an RDF/XML schema for that catalogue.

3. identify places where use of a well-known vocabulary (e.g., Dublin Core) 
would be more appropriate

4. file bugs on components to fix specific problems identified in (3)
I have *no* idea, what you mean with tasks 1-3.
I did some poking around to generate a preliminary list of resources in the
NC-rdf# namespace, and the list is somewhat daunting -- it's close to 300 items
long (and I can't guarantee I didn't miss any, in fact it's likely).

There are a few issues with capitalization, producing redundant elements ("Name"
versus "name", "MIME-Type" v. "MIME-Types" v. "MIME-types").  Close to a third
of the elements appear to be supported by custom datasource code but are never
actually used.

A number of chunks of this list could probably be split off into self-contained
schemas used by a single component.  That might help impose some order on
things, but this is still a pretty enormous task.
Depends on: 182694
Depends on: 17620
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QA Contact: core.rdf
No longer depends on: 17620
This seems like the kind of anal-retentive thing I'd be good at.  What type of capitalization are we looking for?  For example:



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