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IsCallerChrome crash in HTMLMediaElement::Play


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This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-79e40c32-e0d9-45ad-8d51-ea9402151019.

This has the same signature as bug 1216072 that bholley has a patch for, and bug 1215398 which is patched on my build. It has a different stack though: nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome is not called from nsGlobalWindow::MoveByOuter but from mozilla::dom::HTMLMediaElement::Play(mozilla::ErrorResult&). That call was added by cpearce in bug 1180563 in July and I haven't noticed this crash until now.

Steps are pretty reliable (and relevant to bug 1189563), at least on my Mac OS X system -- haven't tried elsewhere.

1. Command-Click on a youtube link to open in the background (doesn't seem to matter which)
2. wait several seconds to make sure it's all loaded
3. click on the new tab -- boom.

Expected results: get to watch a video
Actual results: get reacquainted with about:sessionrestore

If I normal-click the link it works fine, as does creating a new tab and then pasting the URL into the current tab.
Thanks for filing this dan, patch coming up.
Summary: crash in nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome → IsCallerChrome crash in HTMLMediaElement::Play
Blocks: 1072150
Assignee: nobody → bobbyholley
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Hoist IsCallerChrome check in HTMLMediaElement::Play to API entry point. v1

I'd really rather we kept PlayInternal as a void method taking an ErrorResult arg.  I keep hoping people will stop using the intended-to-be-transitional operator= on ErrorResult...

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I did it this way because things that take ErrorResult& look like WebIDL APIs, and I was trying to distinguish them that way. Would you prefer for me to switch it?
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I guess I can live with this returning nsresult, esp. if we make the caller use an nsresult temporary and Throw it if NS_FAILED instead of using operator=.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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