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Stop symlinking to the object directory in |mach gradle-install|


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Just one step closer to removing the symlinking entirely.
Bug 1216434 - Don't symlink to objdir in |mach gradle-install|. r?sebastian

This has always been possible with Gradle -- Gradle doesn't care where
in the file tree resources are found.  (Gradle is perfectly happy to
take resources from outside of the root project directory.)  IntelliJ,
however, displays resources outside of known "content roots" in
special and frankly unhelpful ways.  Here, we avoid that on a
technicality: IntelliJ doesn't acknowledge (or even register a content
root!) for the non-standard AndroidManifest.xml locations set in
build.gradle.  This means we don't see odd content roots in unexpected
places in IntelliJ.

With this change, the formerly failing command

mach clobber && mach configure && mach gradle-install

completes successfully.  That gets us one step closer to being able to
open Fennec in IntelliJ without running additional commands.
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