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Running cppunittest locally is broken on OSX


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Split out from bug 1216575:

(In reply to Eric Rahm [:erahm] from bug 1216575 comment 16)
> STR:
> On a mac (running 10.10.5):
> 1) |mach build|
> 2) |mach cppunittest $OBJ_DIR/dist/bin/TestHashtables|
> There's an exception about the xre_path not being a directory:
> > Exception: ('xre_path does not exist: %s', u'/Users/ericrahm/dev/mozilla-central/obj-x86_64-apple-darwin14.5.0/dist/Resources')
> ahal pointed out this is b/c it's hardcoded in cppunittest [1] to append
> 'Resources' to the path.
> By pointing to the proper app bundle we made cppunitests happy (Resources
> exists) but I guess made everyone else sad. Removing that line seems to work
> for me, but I can't guarantee it won't break other tests.
> [1]
> 605de27d4e7f530159842649c02075c578d7a4a5/testing/
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Summary: Running cppunittest locally is broken → Running cppunittest locally is broken on OSX
This if statement was added in bug 1064952. Per bug 1064952 comment 6, running |mach cppunittest| locally used to work. Not sure what changed since then. I don't believe removing the if statement is the right way to go since AFAIK, cppunittest is still run out of the .app bundle on our test slaves.
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Here is a defensive approach. This seems to work for me locally and I sent it to try to confirm there as well ( Eric, could you try this out on your end?
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This patch works for me locally, but it seems a little odd (like that path should never exist given how bindir is set). How are we running the tests on try? I guess not through mach...
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My recollection is that xre-path is passed in via cmd line args on our test slaves. We run the tests out of the application bundle. xre-path defaults to bindir, which is Contents/MacOS on OSX and we then modify it to point to Contents/Resources, since that's where the tests are located. This may or may not have changed since I last touched it. I'll submit another try run with the if statement removed completely.
Attached patch Patch with if statement removed (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Hmm, |hg rollback| no longer seems to uncommit the last change after pushing to try, so my previous patch was accidentally based on the first patch in this bug. This patch corrects this. Sent to try:
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Yeah it appears to be calling directly:

> /builds/slave/test/build/venv/bin/python -u /builds/slave/test/build/tests/cppunittest/ --symbols-path= --xre-path=/builds/slave/test/build/application/ tests/cppunittest

Arguably whatever creates that command should just use the right path, but if that's too hard to figure out your workaround seems reasonable.
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This removes the if statement in and adds a fix for the mozharness. Waiting for try results (comment 11).
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Try is green. Eric, if you could make sure that all your tests run locally and give this a review, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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Sorry for the delay, this definitely seems like the right approach. Applied locally and worked fine for me.
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