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Transition BB triggered bundle generation to newer native hg bundle support


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After bundle clone is rolled out (bug 1216216), we can stop producing, storing, and serving the old tarballs as described at

Coordination on URL management (there may be offsite automation using the existing URL and format) will be needed.
MDN page has already been updated, so humans are using the new process.

Just need a decision on how to handle the older URL's and then shut off generation of the older ones.

:nthomas - is this already done as part of the product delivery migration?
Component: Mercurial: bundleclone → General Automation
No longer depends on: 1216216
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Product: Developer Services → Release Engineering
QA Contact: catlee
I think we need bug 1181597 first.
Depends on: 1181597
Upload of new bundles will be broken by bug 1211732, as the script expects to be able to scp files:

Do we need to fix that or will bug 1181597 not be that far off ?
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Looks like I might need to fix bug 1229532.
Is this bug a WONTFIX?
I think Hal's original intention was to swap to the server side bundles, which we've done in various bugs, so it's WFM time.
Closed: 6 years ago
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