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2 years ago
What feature should be changed? Please provide the URL of the feature if possible.
We currently send welcome emails to new accounts (bug 775485), but they are sent from a no-reply address.

Recipients should be able to reply to welcome emails, either by sending them from a reply-able address, or having a valid reply-to field.

What problems would this solve?
Messages from no-reply addresses are often filtered as junk, and appear impersonal even when recipients do see them. They are perceived as being robotic, even when "signed" by a person. If the recipient can reply to the email, they can ask questions unique to their situation (or even "how do I get started?", because many people don't actually read the message.

Who would use this?
Users who create accounts on MDN

What would users see?
They would see a welcome message with a "real" email address in the To: field.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
Users would be able to reply to the email with questions. Even if they don't reply, they would have the perception of being reached by a human, rather than a robot.

Is there anything else we should know?
The address could be an alias, such as communitymgr@mozilla.com
The scope of this bug needs to include creating an alias. Janet, can you set up the alias and then this'll be an easy bug to fix!
Severity: normal → minor
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Comment 2

2 years ago
Submitted a Service-Now request for MDN_community_mgr@mozilla.org. I'll update when that's done.
Flags: needinfo?(jswisher)

Comment 3

2 years ago
OK, I now have MDN_community_mgr@mozilla.com (not .org).
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