Users should be able to "remember" their permission choices for normal websites accessed from the browser, and access and modify their choices



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3 years ago
In bug 1217267 I'm removing the possibility for users to remember their permission choices for Websites accessed from the browser. The reason is that users can't review and change their choices afterwards.

This should be redone as part of the new security model.
This is supposed to be implemented as part of the new Control Center.

Tiffany, I didn't find any bug with the UX specs online, is there a META bug created already or should we create a new one?
Thx !
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Can we unify the behavior in Gecko instead? Where is that being stored for Fx and Fx for Android?

(copying from bug 1217267 comment 8)
@Tim: the goal is indeed to unify the behaviour cross-product, for Firefox OS it means implementing, among other, a new UI and settings menu for permissions.
Hey! There isn't a META bug created that I know of though there is this bug: Bug 1179420. 

All of our specs that we worked on for 2.5 are on Box, but most of it didn't make it into the release. As far as I know there aren't any plans to incorporate permission related stuff into 2.6 :-/

Specs are due Nov 2, so if we do need it for 2.6 I need to know asap - even so I can't guarantee I'll make the deadline. NI to Wilfred.

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3 years ago
Hey Tiffanie, do you know if this spec finally happened ? :)

I know nothing is really planned for 2.6 but it would be nice if you have a meta bug with some information somewhere so that we can either link this bug to, or even dupe this bug to.

Thanks !
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whoops! Found this in an open tab - sorry about that :(

Hey guys - unfortunately this hasn't been a priority for us so there hasn't been any work done on a password manager. At the moment we are focused on 2.6 items as well as supporting the new initiatives for Connected Devices.
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11 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 11 months ago
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