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Anthony, have you noticed this? It's really hard to read this tip.

This is an issue present in release, so it's not a recent regression.
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Hm, I've seen this but it hasn't really bugged me as much. Maybe it's because it was at the bottom of the list. What color does it currently use?

Though, since we are moving this to the top of "Search" in bug 1216257, perhaps we can clean this up.

I'm not sure what styles we're using in here though. Are we using our color palette? 

Without scope creeping too much, perhaps the simplest solution would be to use our "disabled grey" here first. Then we can revisit this as we dive deeper into the rest of the levels in this Settings work.
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2 years ago
I don't see a specific color being set:

So I assume we're defaulting to the "disabled" color, since this is technically a "disabled" pref.

I think part of the problem is that "disabled grey" makes this look like something that isn't actionable. And while yes, clicking on it won't do anything, it still feels weird for this to appear "disabled".
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We have "text and tabs tray grey" that could work too. Not sure if it'll be too dark though.
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